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Christina Gillett Transformational Coach


I’m Christina

”Christina is an amazing coach, she opened my eyes to my own inner drives …and how to use them to empower myself….Christina is a coach that genuinely listens to you and helps you in finding yourself, I am forever grateful to have met her.” 

Transformational coaching can help you move forward

I am a certified Advanced Practitioner Professional Transformational Coach, ready to help you. I have already helped other clients who:

  • Are getting ready to take a first meaningful step in their career, business start up, or changing an established career direction
  • Are already established in their career, own business/ enterprise or side hustle and want to step up, move forward or simply stay afloat in challenging circumstances in work or outside of work
  • Seek to cope or thrive amid challenging circumstances that are past, present, or looming
  • Seek peace, joy, clarity, grounding, passion, motivation
  • Want to understand or overcome obstacles or sense of ‘stuckness’ in personal or professional life
  • Know what they want to do or should do but can’t seem to do it or make enough progress
  • Feel that something is missing or incomplete in themselves or their life, or are seeking purpose, meaning or deeper value in their life
  • Want to understand their values, drives and authentic self allowing them to live the life they want, be the person they want, or create the brand they want
  • Improve confidence, productivity, decision-making capacity, build resilience and inner strength
  • Manage challenging thoughts and emotions including anxiety and anger or avoid burnout

Whatever challenge, problem or goal you have at work, home or within you, bring me what’s on your mind.

Transformational coaching is special because:

  • the focus is on you as an individual
  • the approach is based on a belief that you have the creativity and resources you need
  • the aim is learning and long-term mindset shift

The Awareness-Clarity-Choice Conversation that I use is an evidence-informed framework, drawn from psychological theory and research such as Cognitive, Positive and Gestalt Psychology and incorporating extensive case study analysis.

Learn more about transformation and coaching here and here, or get in touch with me to find out more, or book your first session for the price of a coffee.

About me

I am an Advanced Practitioner Professional Transformational Coach certified through International Coaching Federation accredited programmes. I also have a Psychology MSc, and a range of prior training in coaching and counselling spanning my career. I have spent a lot of time immersed in psychology research – analysing and evaluating existing research as well as conducting my own. For example, I have carried out research on anger, emotion regulation and resilience. My career background includes working in adult social services in prevention, community development and co-creation. Over the years in my career I have experience of working with a diverse range of people to overcome (practical and psychological) challenges and achieve goals. As a transformational coach I bring together my knowledge and understanding of psychology, with this previous experience, and the transformative coaching methodology that I am trained in. I see people as resourceful and creative and full of potential; and I love helping them to access all of that capability. Find out more about transformational coaching here and here.

Blog posts

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    Last week I wrote about Mark and his ‘Big Adventures On Average Talent’, and suggested that the secret behind his ability to have such big adventures with such average talent, lies in his growth mindset. According to Carol Dweck, the research psychologist, professor and author of Mindset, who has extensively researched this mindset, it isContinue…


  • Big Adventures On Average Talent: having a growth mindset super power

    How do you have ‘Big Adventures On Average Talent’? I spoke to Mark Gillett, and my conclusion is: growth mindset. I will write about growth mindset in another blog post, but essentially, someone with a growth mindset is all about seeking opportunities for learning and growing. They don’t believe that their abilities are fixed orContinue…

  • Imagine if you were free to choose

    Imagine if you were free. No rights, no wrongs. Just able to choose what feels right for you in this moment. It seems impossible to freely decide or act when we are constantly bombarded with advice and recommendations from friends, family, social media, the news, the experts. What would you do differently if there were noContinue…

  • Rituals and routines with frills: embedding your new positive habits

    Recently in a couple’s coaching session my clients set the intention to create a ritual to help anchor a new practice of appreciating the beautiful, in amongst the chaos of life. This also meant considering the most minimum, flexible, simple and yet meaningful way of integrating the new ritual, with options to add and elaborateContinue…

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